Brewery Updates

Well, the Easter 2007 deadline came and went and still no working brewery!
But things are happening.

  • Final plumbing schematic
  • Dexion Racking for HLT and Mash Tun done
  • All the cold water plumbing is done, complete with Chlorine filter
  • Copper is in and beer out line complete
  • Hop seed filter, pump and heater exchanger done
  • Hot Liquor tank just needs the wort heater coil attached and the immersion heater element fitted
  • Also installed gas management board with CO2 and 60/40 mixed gas regs

HLT and Mash Tun are stainless steel tanks with a rim capacity of 100lt.
Both tanks are insulated with two layers of foil covered foam camping mats.
The HLT has a 3kw immersion element and is linked to a timer control to allow overnight heating on cheap rate electric.

New control panel house the PIDs and electrics for HLT heater and sweet wort pump.

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