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Plenty of tweaking and refinements still to play with.

A new March May pump is now installed to deal with wort transfer and recirculation.
New SS quick disconnects also used together with silicone hose.


March 2009 - at last!

New control panel for the HERMS and HLT

Digital timer control, Pump speed control, PIDs for each temperature control plus AUTO and MANUAL indicators and switches.


Bottom of panel has two 16A sockets to connect the heater and pump.
Also has the two sockets for the thermocouple leads.

Circuit 1 - immersion heater for HLT
Circuit 2 - pump control for HERMS.


Maxicool 100 flash chiller is now in action and can either be connected to a cooling coil around the outside of the fermenter when brewing in the warm summer months or to a similar cooling coil in the second kegerator.
This cabinet is lined with 50mm Kingspan panels and the coil fits around one of the cornies. It provides extra cooling for the beer with the coil!


June 2012

The old design of having the wort heat exchange coil in the HLT did not work very well for several reasons. So a new version is being built on the ‘electric kettle’ idea but I will be using a tall steel pot general known as an asparagus steamer.

At the same time I have rebuilt the control panel and changed the HERMS temperature probe to a PT100 type as this is more accurate than the K-type.

Click here for the
wiring circuit diagram

Build pics coming soon