Mix Brewery

This is a major project for 2007 but I’m hoping to have it ready for an Easter brew
The new garage has loads of space. So it’s design time!
The rebirth of Mix Brewery - now with full mashing and programmed process controls.

My previous semi automated setup was limited to extract + flavour grains brewing with a 10 gallon batch. Even though I had the old 5 gallon Mash kit in a cupboard under the stairs, it was a bit past its sellby date!

New system will include:

  • 100lt stainless steel Hot Liquor Tank insulated and with process controller.
  • 100lt stainless steel Mash Tun, again, insulated and with process controller to hold mash at ideal temperature via HERMS system.
  • All new control panel for HLT & MLT.
  • New pump for wort recirc and transfer to copper.
  • New plumbing to capture hot water from main heat exchanger.
  • New purpose built framework to hold all the new kit.

Early design drawings can be found here.
 - Brewery Layout
 - New control panel

As I build and install the stuff you’ll see the progress in pictures! View Progress


These pictures shows the extract setup from the old house.
All this will be reused in the new setup.

Control panels for kettle
and wort pump.
Manual boil uses 2 x 3kw
Timed boil needs only 1 heater


Kettle - 2mm stainless steel, insulated, copper clad, 3 x 3kw heaters! But only 2 are used on a household supply.
Chlorine filter used to help treat brewing liquor.


All beer pipework in SS.
Pump pulls wort via filter and pushes through that massive heat exchanger.
50lt of hot wort to 20C in only 5minutes!