Current Ride :
Honda Firestorm VTR1000

Got bitten by the V-twin bug!
Once all the metalwork in the leg had been removed I started looking for a new stead. The Firestorm was a great buy. Only 4k miles ‘03 reg - 4600.

Superb engine with all that low down grunt but screams all the way to the redline when needed. Not sure about the original boots in the wet though!

Must be getting old ‘cause I’ve decided to only ride in the winter if the weathers decent.....

My previous rides :
Suzuki SV650S
Kawasaki GPX600R
Suzuki GS750
Kawasaki S1 250 triple in Green
Various FS1E’s and the like from 16

Also riden moto-x in Dubai and Bahrain, early ‘80s - RM400C and 250C.
The 400 was a great beach machine. When the tide was out, loads of gas in top.
Just watch the locals scatter when 3 mad masked riders come flying down the beach!!

Broken Bits: Click to see the metal and flesh bits!