Broken Bits

Broken Bits :
RD400 - August 1980
Busted left femur. Was walking again in just over 3 weeks thanks to a K nail.
That’s a stainless steel U section rod that gets inserted inside the bone and helps the two halves mate back together again really quick. You also get some wicked scars!

GPX600R - June 1993
Left lower arm. Both bones with a clean break. Two plates and 12 screws!

SV650 - The latest trauma, 14th April 2003!
Left lower leg, both tibia and fibia. Open fracture that needed a skin graft. More metalwork. a GK nail similar to the one 20+ years ago on the RD.

Update - Metalwork removed 23rd June 2004. New picture below.

November 2005 - Felt this horrible crack in my left leg as I jumped down some stairs!
I could still walk but it was very painful. By July 2006 it was still causing problems when on my feet all day or up and ladders etc. Having moved house I really needed full and unhindered mobility. Several x-rays and scans later show that the crack was the fibia breaking again!
December 2006 - More metal work installed; plate and 6 screws to help it mend properly this time.  More pictures and x-rays coming soon.

Click the thumbnails to get the big pictures and see the gory details!  

An old work colleague has sent me some details of his nasty encounter with a 4x4.
Click the link to see Ricks Bits.

Metal work from 1980 -
the long rod in the femur.

1993 - plates and screws from the arm.

After the operation - 15/04/03

4 weeks later - 12/05/03
The doctor says everything is ok and healing fine. It’s just very scabby!

K Nail and screws removed - 23/06/04
Stapled wounds on knee. Extra cut required to remove both halves of the broken top screw!
I only have the 3 screws - they didn’t give me the k nail.

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