Mix Brewery - BIY

Mix Brewery - Now a casualty to the whims of the British public!
It was one of the pioneering ventures of the mid 1990’s bringing small scale commercial brewing to the masses. 
Our members could brew 80 pints at a time using our equipment from recipes and our ingredients and not pay a penny in excise duty - classified as HOMEBREW.

The members did it all for themselves.  We just provided the equipment, recipes, ingredients and a bit advice when required. We stored the beer during fermentation and setup the brew ready for bottling or transferring to a couple of King Kegs.

Average cost was about 45pence per pint! 

Even with these glorious prices we couldn’t get enough trade to survive.

Go to Canada, USA and even Australia and hundreds of these outlets are thriving.

Guess it must the lazy British beer drinkers - can’t be arsed to brew-it-yourself, Tescos is open 24/7!!!


Open and ready for brewing


Dave demonstrating the process to new customers.