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..and the pictures!


Mid May 2007

All old kit re-installed

Secondary consumer unit for garage & brewery power

Dexion racking built to hold new SS HLT & Mash Tun



Copper control panel

Timer has a 60min dial so is ideal for planning the various stages for hop additions.


....and inside !!!

Looks like a job for the professionals!


Copper for boiling the wort with the hops


 ...and inside...

3 x 3kw elements are available but only 2 are used as the supply cable to the garage/brewhouse is only 6mm.


Hop seed and trub filter and pump to transfer hot wort from the copper to fermenter via....

... the massive heat exchanger

You want fast wort cooling, you got it!

50lt will cool to 20c in about 10mins so the yeast can be pitched during while filling fermenter to maximize aeration.


July ... nearly ready!

HERMS coil made from 10mt of 10mm soft copper

all in place together with 3kw immersion heater and max level float switch



HLT and Mash Tun in place.
Each tun has a foil backed camping mat as the first insulation layer.

Pump is used to re-circulate the wort via the coil in the HLT keeping the ideal mash temperature.

Mash tun now has pine cladding over the mat.
HLT is to follow soon.



Mash tun strainer in 1mm perforated stainless steel.

1x large top folded in the middle
2x triangle ends fixed with ss wire
Pickup tube to collect from the bottom of the mash tun.


Finished item in place and ready for a test brew.


More additions - January 2008

Fermentation chamber made from old kitchen cabinets with foiled PU insulation slabs.

100w tubular heater to keep the ‘yeasties’ at the ideal temperature..

The control box - ATC800 will manage both a heater and a cooler.

Ambient temperature in garage 8c and the inside holds a steady 19-20.


May 2008 - Gas regs now moved to opposite wall in garage.

Cheap fridge is now the kegerator for serving two chilled beers

Together with a flash cooler and two more serving taps for when we need 4 beers at partytime!




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